Scaled 1900+ membership businesses

Including private schools, kindergartens, universities, edu centers, gyms , sports clubs and you name it

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Private school, university, language schools, etcLearn more

Care Centers

Kindergarten, daycare centers, elderly care centersLearn more

Memberships & Clubs

Sports clubs, gyms, co-working memberships, swimming centers, etc.Learn more

Subscriptions to Services

House cleaning service, pet grooming, barbershop monthly subscriptionsLearn more

B2B Subscriptions

Accounting agencies, secretary services, tax advisory subscriptionsLearn more


Single System to Rule All Branches

Achieve operational efficiency and scale backed by experience of our 1900+ partners

Decreased Operational Cost

Streamlined administrative and business processes, resulting in reduced operational costs

Increased Collection Rate

Facilitated efficient collection of membership fees via recurring bills and payment notifications.

Increased Enrollment

Enabled to enroll more members by streamlining enrolment process and convenient payment options

More systematic in management

Alhamdulillah, SmapMy has helped us become more systematic in management, and parents particularly like the system, especially the automatic generation of invoices and receipts

Easy to use

We use SmapMy for our daycare center's daily logs. We received positive feedback from parents. It's not troublesome to fill in books every day

Fantastic support!

It's very convenient and helpful for management. The system is constantly upgraded. If there's something we don't understand, the Smap team responds quickly and efficiently
"Alhamdulillah, it greatly helps our management, especially with fee management, staff leave, attendance, etc. Our management is more organized, professional, and easily accessible. No more headaches, and the system can be accessed anywhere. The system is always up to date, and the support team is capable. May SmapMy continue to prosper. Highly recommended"
Norazura IsmaelLicensee Operator of Little Caliphs®

Don't Be Left Behind

"System run the business and people run the system" - Michael E. Gerber

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