School Management
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Manage all your branches in a single dashboard




Private Schools




L & IT Academies

Student Management

Student Profile

Maintain detailed profiles of all students enrolled in the school


Manage the admission and enrollment process of new students


Monitor and record student attendance for each class and school event


Keep track of any additional hours or overtime put in by students, if applicable

Fee Management


Recurring automated invoice generate every month end to notify about the school fee


Automated receipt issued every time payment is made

Overdue notices

A reminder will be sent to parents when the school fee has not been received on time

Online payments

Option for parents to pay the school fees via online


Activity Management

Exam records

Maintain a centralized database of student exam records and results

Lesson plans

Create and organize lesson plans for different subjects and classes


Keep track of extra curriculum activities such as swimming class, listening, speaking etc

Daily logs

Teachers able to record of daily activities of their students

HR Management

Leave applications

Facilitate staff to apply for leave through the system, streamlining the process


Manage staff salaries and automate payroll calculations


Handle staff claims for reimbursements or expenses

Staff attendance

Monitor and track staff attendance to ensure punctuality

Financial Management

Expenses record

Track and record various expenses incurred by the school

Income record

Keep a record of all the income sources for the school

Profit & loss statement

Generate financial reports to analyze the school's financial performance


Maintain the school's financial accounts and transactions

Parents Communication

Telegram integration

Integrated with Telegram for efficient and real-time communication with parents

SMS notification

Send important updates and notifications to parents via SMS

Email broadcast

Communicate with parents through mass email broadcasts

Push notification

Send instant notifications and alerts to parents through the app


Parents App

Custom branded app

Receive invoices

Parents can receive digital invoices for school fees through the app

Make online payments

Enable parents to make secure online payments for school fees

View announcements

Stay updated with school announcements and important information

Track attendance

Keep track of their child's attendance records through the app

Exam results

Access and view their child's exam results conveniently

Daily activities

Stay informed about the daily activities and progress of their child


Staff App

Custom branded app


Staff can apply for leave through the app, making the process more efficient


Access a calendar with important events and schedules


View and download payslips directly from the app

Attendance report

Monitor and track their own attendance records through the app

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